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Injustice With Gospel of Barnabus


The four Gospels that have been declared holy & to be the standard for the laws, made part of the Bible, have not been scripted by any companion of Prophet Jesus (pbuh). Moreover none of them has claimed that whatever teachings they have included in their respective Gospel has been learnt by the companions of Prophet Jesus (pbuh). The ways by which these (four) men have collected the teachings are not described anywhere in their Gospel which could have let us know whether the author has himself witnessed the events or he has come to learn them through chain of narrators. On the other hand, the author of Gospel of Barnebus declares himself to be one of the twelve companions of Prophet Jesus (pbuh) who accompanied Prophet Jesus (pbuh) since the beginning till the very end and claims that whatever he has mentioned in his Gospel, he has himself witnessed those events and listened to the sayings with his own ears. At the end of this Gospel, he mentions that Prophet Jesus (pbuh) told him that to clear the misconceptions in people regarding me (Prophet) is his duty at the time when was he about to leave this world.

But who was this Barnabus? In the Gospel of Acts, a person by this name has been mentioned very frequently who belonged to a Jew family. He has been praised for his services to Christianity but nothing has been mentioned regarding the time when he embraced Christianity. Moreover the three Gospels exclude him from the list of twelve companions. For this reason it can’t be said as whether he’s the same man or someone else who scripted down the Gospel of Barnabus. The list of the names of twelve companions provided by Luke & Matthew differs only in two names with the list provided by Barnabus, one is Tuma in whose place Barnabus is mentioning himself & the second one is Sham’oon in whose place he mentions Yahoodah. In the Gospel of Luke, the name of Sham’oon is mentioned. We can hence conclude that in order to exclude Barnabus & his Gospel from the list of twelve companions, the name of Tuma has been introduced!!!

If a person would read Gospel of Barnabus with an open mind & compare it with the four Gospels of the New Testament, the former is for sure much better than the latter ones. It mentions in detail the life of Prophet Jesus (pbuh) in a manner as if its writer was himself present there, observing everything and a part of it. Compared with the unrelated events mentioned in the four Gospels, the Gospel of Barnabus mentions things much systematically. The teachings of monotheism, rejection of blasphemy, attributes of God, the essence of worship, and the virtue of character have been explained in much detail. The language of Prophet Jesus (pbuh), his way of delivering things and his nature can be easily understood with the help of this Gospel unlike the rest four. Moreover it doesn’t consist of the conflicts that we find in the four Gospels

The Gospel of Barnabus presents Prophet Jesus (pbuh) as a Messenger of God, testifying the previous revelations and the Prophets as well. It also gives the same concept of salvation that has been mentioned in the Holy Books before it (like in Torah). It endorses acts of worship like Salah (prayer), fasting, charity etc and how Prophet Jesus (pbuh) used to do ablution before offering Salah. It also acknowledges Prophet Ismail (pbuh) as the one who was to be sacrificed by Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) and gives a picture of heaven, hell, the Day of Judgement which matches with the Qur’an.

The Prophecy of the coming of Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him) is clearly mentioned in this Gospel of Barnabus.

To download Gospel of Barnabus, click here.

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