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My Shocking Story- The Enigma Of My Incarceration


This is a true story of a Kashmiri Muslim man:

I was a third semester student of Islamic studies at university of Kashmir when my budding academic career was trampled upon and destroyed. the enigma of my incarceration exposes the suppressors and is a travesty of human rights. Its an agonizing story that sends shiver down the spine and makes humanity to hang its head in shame.

It all began on 21 November 2011 when in the dead of night when a knock on the door of our house broke the silence. There was a whole contingent of armed people that included the sleuths from Delhi police, CRPF and SOG Kashmir. I was ruthlessly beaten and whisked away blindfolded in a CRPF wagon. I was taken to Air Cargo (camp) and severely tortured and asked about my whereabouts during 20th and 30th October 2005 in connection with the pre-Diwali blasts in Delhi. I pleaded ignorance and said that I was in the Islamic studies department during this period but of no avail.

On 23 November 2005, I along with other co-accused Kashmiri youth were brought to Lodhi Road Police Station, New Delhi. There we were tortured extremely and even forced to drink urine. I was kept naked and forced to suck private parts of other co-accused. Rats were let into my trousers and when I cried, the police officials laughed and took my pictures with the mobile phones. To shake my religious sentiments, my body was touched with pig, with which I was kept locked in a single cell. the police officials used to say “Every kashmiri is a terrorist”. A gun was pointed on my forehead and I was forced to sign bundle of blank papers. I was madde confess under extreme pressure and relentless torture. the sleuths of Delhi police used to tell me that we have our own legislature, law enforcement agencies and judiciary. We can do anything we want.

On December 30 2005, I along with other Kashmiri accused were shifted to Tihar Jail. The way Delhi police implicated me in 29 October pre-Diwali blasts speaks volumes against the Indian state. i have all evidences to prove my innocence but to whom shall I plead as every Indian machinery has proven to be biased and prejudiced till now. How can i expect justice from such a repressive state that has dashed all my dreams.

Authorities of University of Kashmir have authenticated that i was in the class on the day of blasts. The director, Shah-e-Hamdan Institute of Islamic studies, KU, has given certificate attendance for the month of October and November in which its clearly mentioned that I was present in classrooms on 29 October, 2005.

The then Delhi police cheif, K K Paul had given me a clean chit. but its special cell claims I am guilty. All the state and center agencies have given me a clean chit but still I am languishing behind bars. In 2006, five persons were produced before media by UP police in which they spilled the beans of Delhi blasts. I fail to understand why I am being victimized when my innocence is crystal clear. I have full faith in Almighty Allah and that police will get exposed. A story published in “Metro Now” dated 9 October 2008 reveals that the founder of Indian Mujahideen was nabbed by Mumbai crime branch where he said that he along with his own group were involved in that bombing.

Inspite of all glaring evidences that prove my innocence, I am still in Tihar Jail to no end in sight. the tears of my mother have dried up and slowly descends into oblivion. It has been seven years since my arrest. Torture, blood, pain is all I have seen during these years. justice delayed is indeed justice denied”

Irrespective whether a person is involved in any crime or not, if he’s a Muslim, he will be persecuted, convicted, tortured to all extremes because the world believes “Muslims are terrorists”.

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